About Us



Charcoalindo is a company from North Sumatra that concern to produce Activated Carbon with factory based in Indonesia. We are highly experienced in manufacturing many kinds of Coconut Charcoal products, such as ACTIVATED CARBON and BRIQUETTE products.

By our expert’s experiences which more than 30 years in this field of business, so there is no doubt any more about our quality of products , we have fine-tuned and expand our production facilities and we are capable to manufacturing and supply a wide range of Carbon and Briquette products with high standard

In addressing the increasing of global warming due to natural damage gets worse, we are strongly committed to take part in reducing global warming by creating environmentally friendly products (Green Products), and for that purpose we commited only use 100% of coconut shell charcoal as our raw material of products, where we do not need cut the trees to get our raw material.


Now a days, we are supplying our both products locally and internationally with our Premium quality standard.

We are constantly exploring new possibilities. So if you need any Carbon or Briquette products that we currently do not manufacture it yet, please do not hesitate to contact us about it! Because we also could be produce it base on request. Beside we produce the products by our premium quality with our own brand, we also open opportunity to all of our buyers to produce their requirement in our factory under their own specifications and formulas, their own brand and also their own design of packaging.
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